Cat Quandary

Bobcat Saguaro.png
Photo Copyright: Arizona Game and Fish Department

Looking at this photo, I can't help but wonder why a bobcat thought it would be a good idea to climb to the top of a saguaro cactus...a really tall saguaro cactus. I had to find out. I did what anyone would do and searched Google.

I found this video complete with photos describing how the bobcat was being chased by a mountain lion. So it climbed up the 40 foot cactus where it stayed for hours waiting for the mountain lion to give up before it climbed back down.

I think if the bobcat had seen these photos of a mountain lion climbing a 30 foot cactus to escape wild dogs, it may have hesitated before making the ascent:
mountain lion cactus.jpg


Photos: KPHO CBS-5

Here is another bobcat that climbed a 15-foot tall cactus to escape a pack of wild dogs:

Photo: Paco Espinoza/Solent News & Photo Agency

These are some tough desert cats! Amazing examples of survival of the fittest. I cannot imagine climbing a cactus, even if being pursued by mountain lions or wild dogs! I wonder if these desert cats have evolved fur and pads on their feet capable of withstanding the tough cactus needles or if they had pretty tender feet when they climbed back down.

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