New Experimental Technique Developed for Treating Bone Cancer


At Texas A&M University, researchers are testing a new treatment for bone cancer (osteosarcoma) in dogs that may one day help to treat similar cases of osteosarcoma in children. The new technique involves injecting radioisotopes directly in the tumor by drilling tiny holes into the bone with a very tiny drill that is approximately "the size of two human hairs". This helps to target the radioactivity to cancerous cells while protecting healthy tissues.

Osteosarcoma affects about 10,000 dogs and 500 children under the age of 15 each year. Stan Hearns is the President and CEO of Valco Instruments. When his own dog developed the cancerous tumors, he took action to develop the tiny drill. The technique is promising, but more studies are needed to determine how effective it is for dogs and humans, alike. To read more and see pictures, visit the San Antonio Express News.

Melissa Ludwig, San Antonio Express News, 2012.

Image Source: Doctors Foster and Smith at PetEducation.Com

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