Reptile Awareness Day and Walking up Walls!

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Celebrate Reptile Awareness Day on October 21st! The has listed 10 ways to celebrate the day on their website that you can view here.

According to, this special day is dedicated to promoting awareness of reptiles and the ecological challenges they face.

I was surprised to learn that scientists have developed a new adhesive inspired by geckos and their ability to climb. According to the Reptile Channel, the 5 ounce lizards produce an adhesive force equivalent to carrying 9 pounds up a wall! The new adhesive, called "Geckskin" can hold 700 pounds on even a smooth surface, like glass, without slipping. You can read more here.

I decided to do a search of whether or not scientists have created ways for humans to mimic the wall-climbing ability of a gecko. In my search, I came across a news story about how students from The College of Technology and Innovation at Arizona State University invented a backpack and suction cups that allow them to actually walk up walls! This is a must-see news story!

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