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The panda bear cub recently born at the Smithsonian Zoo is approaching her 100th day of life. Following Chinese tradition, the zoo will be announcing her name on December 1st.

In the meantime, the zoo is asking for your help in choosing her name by casting your vote using the online poll that can be found here.

The finalists are:

Bao Bao (宝宝): Precious, treasure.

Ling Hua (玲花): Darling, delicate flower.

Long Yun (龙韵): Long is the Chinese symbol of the dragon; Yun means charming. Combined this represents a sign of luck for panda cooperation between China and the United States.

Mulan (木兰): Legendary young woman, a smart and brave Chinese warrior from the fifth century; also the name for the magnolia flower in China and the United States.

Zhen Bao (珍宝): Treasure, valuable.

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Bao Bao is a very cute name, quite fitting actually