How animals at the zoo celebrate Halloween

Enjoy this video of how animals at the Brookfield Zoo celebrated Halloween early this year. Happy Halloween!

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"Where there is no imagination there is no horror." -Arthur Conan Doyle Halloween, for those of you who've been here a while, is my favorite holiday. Every year for the past dozen years now, I've dressed up as whatever I've wanted for Halloween. And -- if you haven't seen the pattern yet -- it's…
A nice video from our friends at BBC Earth: ...although I'm not sure why some of the critters in there qualify as scary. In any case, have a Happy (and Safe!) Halloween!
Happy Halloween! The day just would not be complete without goblin spiders. Check out this neat YouTube video I came across describing species found in Ecuador.
Zoo trumpets birth of rare African okapi : The Brookfield Zoo announced this week the birth of a baby okapi - an endangered African animal that looks as if it were put together by committee. With a dark brown body and striped upper hind legs, the 1-month-old female looks a bit like a zebra, but…