Book Launch Week: Kicking Off With An Interview on Newsvine

Tomorrow is the publication date of Microcosm: E. coli and the New Science of Life. I'll be celebrating by sending out some signed copies (details tomorrow), but in the meantime, here's an interview that just came out this morning about the book over at Newsvine, on the nature of life, how to navigate without a brain, and nature's indifference to the "natural."

Newsvine - Interview: Carl Zimmer, Author of Microcosm

Update 1 pm: This is cool. MSNBC (which owns Newsvine) put the interview on their science page.

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I just saw it in a bookstore in Toronto today. (I didn't need to be in a bookstore at all, but I somehow ended up there. I don't know how it happened.)


Will you take my micro test for me tomorrow? Just the topics in your interview are about half the topics of my test, LOL!