The Evolution of Mind: My Talk Online

A couple weeks ago I spoke at Downstate Medical Center in New York about some of my articles in the New York Times that revolve around how the mind evolved. We can learn from bacteria, fruit flies, hyenas, and our own kids. You can now see the whole lecture with surprisingly clear slides on Click on the screen below, or go to the page on Warning: the sound drops out briefly around 13:00.


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Hyenas are fascinating in many ways, such as the way female spotted hyenas are equipped with a penis of sorts (pdf). In tomorrow's New York Times, I look at a new kind of fascination: hyena brains. Hyenas have a remarkably complex social life, and it appears to have altered the shape and size of…
Click here to watch it on (you can even watch in full screen, if you dare...)
Brian Russell recorded some sessions at the Conference and is now putting them up on Blip.TV. Here is the first clip, the very beginning of the Conference on Saturday:
I recorded a video for my Facebook page about the Microcosm book tour, which I've cloned below. Still fine-tuning my video does YouTube embed, compared to

Nice talk. I've also really being enjoying your interviews on bloggingheads, and hope to see more of them crop up in their rotation.

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Carl, get some sleep.