Microcosm in tomorrow's New York Times Book Review

Science writer Peter Dizikes reviews my book Microcosm for the New York Times. It's great to see that he gets it--i.e., he understands what I'm trying to do with E. coli in the book. I actually appreciate that more than a positive review. Fortunately, he liked the book, too, calling it engrossing, vivid, and adroit. Check it out.

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Carl - Great review - succinct and positive. I'm currently in Chapter 9, Palimpsest, and just finished reading about the flagellum debate in the Dover trial. Once I finish I'll be eagerly awaiting your next book. I do hope you come to Dallas on your book tour.

By Texas Reader (not verified) on 28 Jun 2008 #permalink

Yes, it is a very nice review. It looks like a very good choice of topic by Carl. This old physicist is surely intrigued and intends to read the book. Thanks. Don

I notice that review didn't do your Amazon numbers any harm, Carl! 299 when I just checked and number 1 in three categories. That gives us fellow science writers something to shoot for. Good work!