Seed and ScienceBlogs Survey

Tell our Benevolent Seed Overlords what you think of Seed Magazine and Scienceblogs. Take this survey, and you'll be entered to win all sorts of electronic gizmos.

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First, from the Seed Overlords: You may have noticed some pretty yellow banner ads around the site this week. They're advertising a huge reader survey that we're conducting right now. Anyone (excepting Seed employees) who fills it out can enter to win an iPod and MacBook Air. The survey takes…
Our wise and benevolent Seed Overlords are looking for more information about your interests. Take the survey, and you'll be entered in a drawing for an iPod.
At least on ScienceBlogs. Our Benevolent Seed Overlords have interviewed me. You can check it out at Page 3.14.
I think this is the last announcement for the day. Do yinz know about Seed magazine? No? You're not reading it? Well, if you subscribe right now you get a totally cool Scienceblogs mug for FREE! If you're seeing a similar banner at the top of the page, it's clickable and you can go…