Community-Acquired ST398 MRSA Found in Sweden


This is not good. A recent article in Emerging Infectious Diseases describes two separate cases of community-acquired ST398 MRSA--and neither case was associated with agriculture. Let me explain what this means and why this is really bad news.

MRSA--methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus--is a serious problem: in the U.S., it kills more people annually than AIDS. Typically, the therapy used to treat MRSA is vancomycin, and strains resistant to vancomycin can't be treated on-label with any commercial antibiotics*. ST398 is a new clone of MRSA that is thought to be associated with agriculture--pigs in particular (hence, my designation of this as the 'piggy MRSA'). In the Netherlands, in the course of a few years, it swept through pigs, and then colonized farmers, and recently has entered hospitals. In the U.S., it's started to increase in pigs.

According to the article, two separate cases of community-acquired (i.e., they didn't pick it up at a hospital) ST398 were observed, and they were very persistent. Neither patient had any animal contact, which means that this strain has jumped from the agricultural setting into the broader human community.

These strains also had PVL, which is a toxin that may increase the severity of disease**. What is very disturbing is that the strains were resistant to antibiotics other than methicillin (one was resistant to deoxycycline; the other was resistant to ciprofloxacin, erythromycin, and clindamycin). Not only are these strains multi-drug resistant, but the different resistance profiles suggests that ST398 is prevalent at a high enough frequency to have evolved divergent phenotypes (no mention is made if any of these resistances are plasmid-encoded).

*Skin infections can be treated with linezolid, but this therapy is not very effective against sepsis (bloodstream infections).

**The epidemiological evidence suggests PVL is nasty, but experimental studies in laboratory animals and cell culture yield mixed results.

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Hello everyone,

Our family was viciously attacked by MRSA and we nearly lost all of our lives.
We almost lost our oldest son to it within 72 hrs.
MRSA also attacked my youngest son and myself.
The boils that my son's had grew to the size of small grapefruits and destroy the flesh in the surrounding area.

As you can imagine we were horrified. We sought out medical intervention and antibiotics failed to help. our doctor threw several antibiotics at my son's infection. The antibiotics failed to keep the infection from coming back.
After speaking to an infectious disease doctor, doing my own research and networking with others struggling with MRSA,
I came to the conclusion that MRSA is rapidly evolving and becoming resistant to all antibiotics.
At that point we decided to run from this vicious cycle of throwing antibiotics at an antibiotic resistant infection.
We prayed and researched until we found something that would save our family.
MRSA was literally eating away at us and what we found stopped MRSA from killing us. It is called Allimed, stable allicin.
This is the first time in history that allicin in garlic has been stabilized.
Since we used Allimed we did not need further medical care though we informed our doctors of our decision and continued under their observation.
We dealt with MRSA ourselves and have not had it return for any of us in 3 years.
Before using Allimed the boils were coming every few weeks.

If we are to survive this era of resistant bacteria, then we will have to think outside the box. What once saved us from infections (antibiotics), is now killing us. The very nature of antibiotics encourage bacterial resistance.
Shortly after Penicillin was discovered, bacteria became resistant and now we find ourselves in the vicious cycle of throwing more and more antibiotics at resistant bacteria.

We must see that the era of antibiotic success is now leaving us. If we don't have our eyes wide open, mankind may not survive this pandemic.
I hope our story will help to save lives as our family was saved.
Since our family's recovery, we have been helping others to recover worldwide.
I welcome emails from anyone who wants our help.
God bless, Cathy
Our MRSA recovery and more info:

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250 people recover from MRSA using stable Allicin:,2933,365884,00.html

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Abstract, Dr. Ronald Cutler:

There are many reasons why I could never be a microbiologist, but top among them is the fact that I'd spend the entirety of my life scared shitless.