Random Thought About Dick Cheney and Nancy Grace

Since I don't own a television that actually gets reception, and I refuse to pay for cable*, when I'm on the road, I occasionally turn on the TV. What do I see, but CNN criminal shock jock Nancy Grace.

For those of you who don't know who Nancy Grace is, she hosts a 'criminal justice' show that consists of finding murdered attractive white women and whipping the audience into a frenzy over whether a relative or husband killed her. It pays the rent, I suppose.

What I would like to know is if Grace will turn her talents, such as they are, towards Dick Cheney (not to mention Rumsfeld)? After all, Cheney helped institute a massive tortureenhanced interrogation regime that not only resulted in the torture of innocent people, but resulted in death.

So how about it, CNN? Will you sic Grace on Cheney? Admittedly, they weren't white women, but the change of pace might do some good, in more ways than one.

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Nancy Grace is a republican. She supports torture. This is a woman who was angry that they were not torturing the man she thought killed Elizabeth Smart!

NG also seems to be really hot for child murder cases. I cruise past her occasionally and sometimes I just have to stop and watch for a few minutes. I would expect that anyone focused on by her would definitely want a change of venue to get a fair trial. Like to Darfur or Afghanistan.

The woman is appalling in her venom.

By Invisible Dragon (not verified) on 23 May 2009 #permalink

Nancy Grace is the host who browbeat a missing child's mom into killing herself. Nancy was sure the woman is guilty and was trying to badger the woman into some kind of confession. Few days later the women killed her self.

God, do I ever hate that ghoulish woman. I think I'd rather sic Cheney on her than the other way around.

It amuses me that I still receive comments on a Nancy Grace rant I wrote over two years ago, but I completely understand. It's impossible to possess even a modicum of human compassion and watch her show without being outraged.