FOX News Is Running a Con on Elderly People

That's really the only way to think of it. Fox 'News' Bill O'Reilly's show has an average viewership age of 71, which isn't 'middle-aged', but elderly. Anyway, one of the propaganda pieces Fox has been catapaulting is the false notion that the Wisconsin protests are out-of-control or violent (police have described the crowd as 'civil'). So this video from O'Reilly's show shouldn't be surprising:

What is surprising is what you see at the 0:16 mark. Go back, look at it again.

That's right: Palm trees. In Wisconsin. In February.

They're not even trying anymore.

Seriously, how is this any different than the Sunday morning preacher who preys on elderly viewers? They're lying to people's grandparents in order to make a buck. And the preacher doesn't drag the rest of the country down with him...

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"That's right: Palm trees. In Wisconsin. In February."

Maybe they're banking on the Happy Days fan demographic.

The fun part - a commentor over at Pandagon has identified this footage as being of a Tea Party counter-protest in Sacramento.

What's not funny is that the old folks believe it. One of my elderly friends (82) went on a rant the last time I saw her about teachers abusing their sick leave to go to the rallies, and how she could NEVER TRUST ANYONE WHO WOULD LIE LIKE THAT.

I think you see the irony.


You know the rest of that story too, I'm guessing.

"That's right: Palm trees. In Wisconsin. In February."

Would palm trees in Wisconsin be any less surprising in August?

Cut off the enemy's supplies, pit them against one another, and you greatly reduce resistance when you move your troops in to mop up.

The old adage was 'the nuclear exchange begins when Moscow evacuates' - current version should be 'the elimination of undesirable citizens begins when the troops return from overseas'.

In the meantime, we can use the newly unemployed state workers to build the, uh, "emergency assistance housing" many states will need soon. They'll be glad to do it. After all, arbeit macht frei.

By Robert Bruce (not verified) on 02 Mar 2011 #permalink

Hey, maybe it's all that global warming.

Bloody CAGW alarmist FOX...

Question: would it be patriotic or unpatriotic for a concerned citizen to blow up Fox News headquarters as a political protest?

By Gingerbaker (not verified) on 03 Mar 2011 #permalink

So, Neutrino, if I'm reporting a news story on how Christianity is SPECIFICALLY responsible for horrors and atrocities against children, and the clip I show is of a "doctor" performing a female circumcision full of gore and frantically pained screams with text below it reading "Worshipers mutilate babies", it's nice to know you'd fully support it.

They are, after all, worshipers. Not like I was trying to make people think Christians butcher female babies. Only an idiot would be confused over it.

By Bethistopheles (not verified) on 03 Mar 2011 #permalink


FOX News Is Running a Con on Elderly People

Slight fix for you, Mike.