Judaism Was Part of Western Civilization 3,500 Years Ago. Or Something

By way of Roy Edroso, we unfortunately come across this Washington Times gay-hating screed that masquerades as religious-based love. So ordinarily I would give it a pass, except for this idiotic doosy:

And what about the Creator of the Universe? It is God's moral code that has undergirded Western society for more than 3,500 years.

Actually, the Big Fella is probably doing just fine. But it's that 3,500 years that's pretty fucking stupid.

I know my people get around, but until 2,000 years ago, we lived in the Levant, also known as the Middle East. Not the Middle West. East. Christianity didn't become widespread in the West until the 300s due to Emperor Constantine (no relative of Palpatine). That's kind of like 3,500 years, but not.

Although that's where the shot heard round the world was fired. Or something.

If you're going to style yourself as the Defender of Western Civilization, you should have some idea of what it is you're defending.

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The 3.5Ky is probably measured in genesisdays; that is, impossible to work out the duration or correct order, and during which the extremely unlikely happened.

And you need an </i> —The italics are running wild.

Calm down. He's obviously a Wiccan.


On top of which, there is zero reason to think that the Old Testament moral code existed 3,500 years ago. The older parts of the OT were put together around 2,700 years ago. Yes, the stories describe events that allegedly are older. Similarly, the Trojan war and the writing of The Illiad are separated by some centuried. And Homer's description of the war likely is more accurate than the Old Testament's of the early days of Judaism.

Italics appear to have been turned on, but not off again. The effect is initially interesting, then becomes annoying.