Worst (Science) Pun

After my call for puns, I got some really bad ones, but I think I may have found the worst pun ever, and its a science pun too (via toothpaste for dinner


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I'll get back to substantive posting in a bit, but as the semester wraps up, I wanted to ask for your help. Over the years, punning has become a more and more integral part of our lab meetings. It's reached the point, in fact, that our P.I. can barely utter a single non-pun sentence, even outside…
You're all familiar with Dr. Isis, also of ScienceBlogs? She likes cute things. She likes science. Despite the fact that I'm a so-square-I'm-practically-cubic reactionary, I like both of those things too. But when physicists try to make their physics cute it's a cringe-worthy disaster waiting…
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I'm away on vacation this week, taking my kids to Disney World. Since I'm not likely to have time to write while I'm away, I'm taking the opportunity to re-run an old classic series of posts on numbers, which were first posted in the summer of 2006. These posts are mildly revised. Anyway. Todays…

I've just read the comments to the original post... can't wait for the rant about the cognitive linguists.

I think it's only appropriate to post these lyrics here :-D

"I'm an Alchemist baby
I can turn heavy metal .... into gold
I can make unstable compounds of mercury explode

I can make you glow
I can make you phosphoresce
I can burst your bubble
I can make you effervesce

Science tells you love
Is just a chemical reaction in the brain
Let me be your bunsen burner baby
Let me be your naked flame

You're going to turn bright red
When I do my litmus test on you
Acid it was, acid it is
And what acid was true

Check out what's in the test tube baby
You're my little pipette
The favourite piece of apparatus
In my chemistry set

Science tells you love
Is just a chemical reaction in the brain
Let me be your bunsen burner baby
Let me be your naked flame

You're the kind of carbon I can date
You're the element that makes me passionate
There's a chemistry experiment
I want to try in my brain
So come close to the Bunsen Burner
Feel the Heat of the naked flame"

- John Otway, "Bunsen burner"

Haha, that's a good one! Though marred by the fact that no archaeologist these days tries to "date peoples". We may discuss the dates of an archaeological culture, but we no longer believe that such a culture equals a "people". In fact, we pretty much do not believe that any "peoples" exist at all, now or in the past.

I didn't really get it :-P :-P