More on Stereochemical Odor

Sorry for the short post today, grading and other during-the-academic-year commitments are about to take effect. If you have access, there is a wonderful article in Chemical Reviews ASAP this week:

"The Nose as a Stereochemist. Enantiomers and Odor," by Ronald Bentley. Since it's an ASAP article, there's no page numbers yet, but the url is The DOI is 10.1021/cr050049t S0009-2665(05)00049-X.

For some neat references on chiral odorants, see these MOTD classics:

See you tomorrow.


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The link you directed folks to required membership in the ACS to actually read the article. Many of us who read your site are not necessarily professional chemists (else, I'm sure there would probably be a lot more about reaction mechanisms and computational chemistry) and so do not have memberships in the ACS. Just as I would try not post a link to an ACM or IEEE article that would require the chemist with an interest in computers to hold a membership, I would consider it a good thing to try to avoid these links in your articles.

Yep, as I noted, membership is required, sorry. I will try and stay away from these links in the future. Note that if you are affiliated with most research universities you will have access to chemical reviews, but I appreciate the frustration!