Inositol (Weird carbs)

Inositol is a sugar:


Most sugars are aldehydes and ketones, and they zip up into rings in solution on their own, forming rings with oxygens that look like substituted ethers. Inositol is a funny one - an enzyme has to do the work and make a cyclohexane, which won't fall apart without some metabolic heavy lifting.

Because the metabolism is a little inefficient, sugar alcohols like inositol have found some use as low-glycemic or slightly lower-calorie sweeteners (some are innately extra-sweet). It's a unique handle for an enzyme to grab, so its derivatves pop up throughout metabolism.

You may also recognize it as one of the ingredients in energy drinks of questionable benefit (Read: everything but caffeine).


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technically you're wrong, if its based on a cyclohexane it can't be a sugar... its a poly-alcohol. It might still be sweet, it might still be a carbohydrate but it can't be a sugar. ok, enough wise-assery from me, i'll go back to enjoying you're posts in silence

By nitpicker (not verified) on 15 Apr 2008 #permalink

Is Inisotol helpful for PCOS sufferers

By jacinta wray (not verified) on 23 Apr 2008 #permalink