Sunday Morning in the Rincon Mountains


Rather than blather on about my Easter Sunday, I'll just share a few images from a morning hike in Tucson's Rincon mountains. Winter rains have given way to wildflowers, and in particular the Encelia brittlebush was spectacular.







Prickly pear:


A hoverfly guards his territory:


Pheidole worker ant gathering nectar from a barrel cactus:


Honeypot ants emerging from their nest:


Close-up of Aphaenogaster cockerelli, a common harvester ant:


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By request, I have now organized the ant photos by subfamily.  This mimics the arrangement from the old site.  For the smug-muggers out there who want to know how it works, I basically set up an "old journal" gallery and put the genus names and links into the caption box.  I used CSS to set all…
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Aphaenogaster cockerelli, Arizona Here's a new study in Current Biology from Adrian Smith, Bert Hoelldobler, and Juergen Liebig: Abstract: Cheaters are a threat to every society and therefore societies have established rules to punish these individuals in order to stabilize their social system […
Pheidole creightoni major worker, California After reading a couple times through Corrie Moreau's hot-off-the-press Pheidole evolution paper, I am pleased to give it a thumbs-up. The paper is behind a subscription barrier, so I have distilled the results into an informal summary: Pheidole is…

Wow! I love the images of the harvester ant. We have been commissioned to make a harvester ant sculpture for a pest control company in Phoenix. Your photographs are inspiring! Thanks!