Enjoy a nice cold Pepsi today

And while you're doing that, I have answered the Monday Mystery back at my tried and true wordpress blog.

I will be blogging at the old digs for the next few days until I have had time to digest the unfortunate recent events here at Scienceblogs. What's going on? I'll let my excellent sciblings explain:

***update and clarification*** I have reached no decision about the future location of Myrmecos blog.

I like some things about Scienceblogs. Their openness in letting bloggers air this sort of dirty laundry out in public is one of them. I dislike other things. The Pepsi blog-buy behind the current kerfuffle is troubling, but ultimately it is small beans, a symptom of a larger corporate undercurrent I'd been watching even before I moved the blog. At the time, I thought I could live with it in exchange for bringing an ant blog to a larger audience. Now that the trend is moving- no, running like mad- the wrong way, I'm not so sure.

I may well be back here in a few days. Or not. Several sciencebloggers- particularly the more journalistic of them- have opted out of the network already. I'd rather take the time to reach a solution I won't regret. In the meantime, I am more comfortable at the old site.

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I applaud your integrity and hope more bloggers follow your brave lead. I'm first in line for capitalism but this is too scummy for even me to stomach. The US now has a comparable level of media capture to many eastern bloc countries. But they are actually envious of the US because US media maintains an illusion of impartiality. Follow the money. Research interlocking directorships. Examine corporate partnerships. This is why I don't watch TV or read newspapers. The only significant thing about the US is that when you publish inflammatory things on the internet, they just start a new folder in your file instead of making you disappear. So we got that going for us.