Eastern Treehole Mosquito

Eastern Treehole Mosquito

My commercial gallery now has flies!

Diptera photographs at alexanderwild.com

I feel sort of embarassed at how few fly images I have, considering the importance of the group. That's something I'll try to remedy as we get into this summer's photography season.

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New this week at alexanderwild.com we have photographs of the Savanna Strobe Ant Opisthopsis haddoni. These delightfully perky insects inhabit open environments in northern Australia and are one of my favorite ants. Opisthopsis has excellent vision. The location of the compound eyes atop the head…
Smugmug, the host for my image gallery alexanderwild.com, has been down all morning.  The problem is apparently serious and resolution may take a while. I apologize for the inconvenience.  If there was a particular image you were looking for this morning and now you can't get to it, email me. *…
I've moved some of my better termite photos to a new gallery at alexanderwild.com. Go visit.
Cimex lectularius - the common bedbug Bed bugs are back.  The resurgence of these blood-feeding pests is perhaps the biggest entomological story of the past decade.  Take a look, for instance, at the Google search volume for "bed bugs" over the past few years: Google Trends shows an increase…

Åwietny blog i super fotki , dodajÄ do ulubionych , pozdrawiam, Andrzej :)

Good work. I especially like the cecidomyiid.