Steve Shattuck's Aussie Ant Photos


Tandem running in Camponotus consobrinus - photo by Steve Shattuck

I discovered while googling about this morning that Australian ant guru Steve Shattuck has been uploading some very nice photos to flickr.   With any luck we'll be seeing some of these in a new incarnation of the Australian Ants book.

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Thanks for the kind words on my attempts at ant photos, I've been inspired by the Master! Yes, an updated edition of the Australian Ant Book is on the cards. All I need to do is finish revisions of Iridomyrmex, Discothyrea, Calyptomyrmex and Paratrechina (soon to be Nylanderia, watch this space) and then I'll have time to get stuck into it. With luck it'll be next year.

By Steve Shattuck (not verified) on 30 Sep 2009 #permalink

You're a busy fellow, Steve. For what it's worth, I completely support the resuscitation and upgrade of Nylanderia as you guys present it -- I'm happy to have my old decisions improved upon in the face of additional good evidence.

Good news about the update of the book, and I look forward to seeing it illustrated with lovely photos by you such as those we've seen here.

By James C. Trager (not verified) on 01 Oct 2009 #permalink