Sounds like the beginning of a bug horror film

The Great Ant Escape

Incidentally, what's up with the obvious photoshop job in the accompanying image? It looks like a chorus line.

*update* - it seems they've swapped the image out for a more sensible one.  The original is here.

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Oh my... did they just clone the same ant thrice and add a new leaf to each?


This photo would've been much nicer with two, no wait!, three ants!!

...but I can't be bothered to go out looking for them...


I wonder what this 'Clone-tool' does?...

O M G !

No-one will notice a thing..



tsk tsk honestly...

I don't know if I should laugh or cry or explode into hysterics about that photo. Wow--and not in a good way. No one at the WSJ noticed that all three ants had the same exact pose and posture, the same shadow and light, the same everything? They should be embarrassed that they tried to sell that pathetic image as if it's real, and Getty should be horrified that it cheaply proffered a deceptively false commodity.

To be fair, Getty's website lists the photo as a "digital composite". It's more a question of why WSJ chose to use a doctored photo instead of one of the many undoctored leafcutter shots available.