Answer to the Monday Night Mystery


Loxocera cylindrica rust fly (Diptera: Psilidae)
Urbana, Illinois

The unmistakable antennae on these amorous insects mark them as psilid flies, and commentator Chris Grinter (of The Skeptical Moth) correctly surmised the species as Loxocera cylindrica. Nine points to Chris, and one to FormicidaeFantasy who was the first to pick the order.

This brings us to the end of June and to the announcement of the overall mystery points winner for the month:

Ted MacRae, of the excellent entomology blog Beetles in the Bush, has accumulated ten points and is entitled to either a guest blog post here on Myrmecos, or to an 8x10 print from my galleries. Drop me a line and we'll get you hooked up, Ted.


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Fantastic job on the mystery, Alex! More please!

I'd like to suggest that for every point someone gains, their name is entered into a drawing. I don't bother answering the few things I might know because I can't run with the big boys and girls. Why bother getting a point for the order when I'll be in 100th place...? I REALLY want a print from your gallery though!

Yeah for me! I'll be in touch.

Where on earth did you find those flies? I've never seen them or even heard of them. The mating pair photo is about as good as a photo can possibly be.

Since insects (and all other animals) are affected by these disruptions, I am forwarding this news item:
" 'Trophic cascades' of disruption may include loss of woolly mammoth, saber-toothed cat"

By Birger Johansson (not verified) on 30 Jun 2010 #permalink