Ozzy Osbourne. Now genomics is getting somewhere.


Ozzy Osbourne, preparing to grasp the meaning of his genome.

There's been much attention lately to the failure of genomics advances to create many medical advances. From rock'n'roll comes  hope.

THE mystery of why Ozzy Osbourne is still alive after decades of drug and alcohol abuse may finally be solved.

The 61-year-old former Black Sabbath lead singer â who this week begins his health advice column in The Sunday Times Magazine â is to become one of only a few people in the world to have his full genome sequenced.

In addition to giving Osbourne information that could help prevent diseases, it is hoped the results will provide insights into the way drugs are absorbed into the body.

I suppose stranger things have happened. Now they need to do Keith Richards. Anything rare variants those two share ... well, I'm not sure WHAT you do with it.

via The Sunday Times

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Is anyone working on unlocking the secrets of Keith Richards, as well? ;)

This could turn out very interesting - just think of it, we'll have half the genome of Satan!

By Phillip IV (not verified) on 16 Jun 2010 #permalink

Is Ozzy's health and advice column going to include erm...nutrition as well?

By Kate from Iowa (not verified) on 16 Jun 2010 #permalink

"we'll have half the genome of Satan!"

why, is the pope getting sequenced too?

By Phillip III (not verified) on 17 Jun 2010 #permalink