Love is 'On the Air'

Just a quick note to let all you fellow Brooklynites know about a "singles mixer" (those are ironic quotes) being put on by the brilliant minds behind Radio Lab "the science show for people who think they don't like science."

The formula behind the festivities? "Chemistry + Biology + Radio = Love...or something like it." Sounds good, no?

The evening will be emceed by Radio Lab host Jad Abumrad who promises to:

[combine] the latest lab results from the leading edge of neurological research with breathtaking tales of surprising romance . . . And to help your biological drives out a little [by setting] up a few fun and easy ways to get singles meeting and mingling."

The event will be held tomorrow night, June 7, at the Brooklyn Brewery at 7:00pm. Tickets are $40 at the door and include *free beer* and nibbles.

This thing promises to put speed dating to shame! Who knows, Regular Radio Lab contributor Jonah Lehrer of the Frontal Cortex may even make a cameo.

For more info, call (212) 669-3333.


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