Apropos of Nothing At All

Question 1
What do the toaster companies have against rye bread?

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Question 2:
How does The Times Magazine's in-house interviewer Deborah Solomon continue to land interviews with the newsworthy and notable?

Case in point: An excerpt from this week's Q&A with the creator of HBO's Entourage.

DS: I assume your milieu was less flashy than the one in "Entourage."

Doug Ellin: My father is an accountant. Growing up on Long Island, I'd have one basketball for seven years. There was no grip left on this basketball. I don't want to sound like I had a cheap father. He was not cheap, but he was very against waste.

DS: What advantage did that give you?

Doug Ellin: None.

DS: Great. Tell that to your analyst.

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2) I guess the conversation is as stimulating to the interviewee and the column to the reader...she does an amazing job, showing the value of a reporter who displays critical thinking and judgement over "unbiased" reporting. We are all for people using their brains...

Over 20 years ago, I switched to a toaster oven, avoiding your problem. The bread I get is 6 inches across in the middle of the loaf, and two slices toast nicely in the toaster oven. (I've kept that one setting now for about five years.)

It drives me nuts - I usually just cut off the ends and throw them away before toasting.