w00t! Top of the class!

The word "wOOt" - spelt with zeros instead of the letter 'o' - has just been voted as Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary's Word of the Year. Coined by internet users, and defined as an interjection "expressing joy", it's quite apt today, because my axon guidance essay was returned with a mark of 80%. 

I posted the essay in 4 parts while I was away in Egypt. Here it is again:

Part 1: The growth cone

Part 2: A novel axon guidance mechanism.

Part 3: The turning point.

Part 4: New directions.


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Congrats, Mo. I've had some family trouble recently, and I haven't been able to focus on your essay. I only skimmed the first two parts, and I'm not sure enough of my understanding of it to comment. Your writing has such a great clarity though, I know your essay deserved the grade, if not more!

By carolyn13 (not verified) on 13 Dec 2007 #permalink

Unfortunately, w00t is already not being used in gaming circles. It's now more of wewt.

Congrats on your paper though man, it's nice to see that blogging has probably paid off to help your writing skills.

By Andy McKenzie (not verified) on 13 Dec 2007 #permalink

Congrats; interesting review.

I have a question: is Ganglionic Eminence equal to the Germinal Matrix? Or ME is only a part of GM?

Would be great to have an article about Ganglionic Eminence on Wikipedia.

If by "germinal matrix" you mean the the ventricular/ sub-ventricular zone, then the LGE/ MGE are the part of that tissue in the prosencephalic (forebrain) vesicle.