Top 100 Mental Health & Psychology blogs

This blog is included in a list of Top 100 Mental Health and Psychology Blogs, compiled by a site called Online University Reviews.

The list is divided into a number of categories - general, cognitive and forensic psychology, psychiatry, neuroscience, addiction, anxiety, autism, bipolar disorder and depression. Many of the sites listed are already on my blogroll, but a few of them are new to me.


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I concur.
I am sure that there are 72 "News" posts just like this one being prepared just about now. What an honor, being picked from 23,465,001 Mental Health and Psychology blogs.
Then, hilarity ensues when in typical fashion, the Neuroscientists shake their fists at the Psychiatrists, and so on down the line with historical predictability. In all seriousness, what I find disturbing is the chit-chat social networking, and Myspace quality many of even the top "Science Blogs" have become. I hope that the peer reviewed journals never follow suit. Sorry for the rant. I suppose I should open my own shop.

By Dr. Z's Loose … (not verified) on 20 Aug 2008 #permalink

I wasn't even trying to suggest that I was "honoured" to be on the list. I just thought some might find the list useful.

Please, Mo. I was agreeing with Mary, and poking fun at the 23,465,000 other Mental Health and Psychology blogs. I would hope that you would agree with us, in that it's a jungle out there. I think you should feel safe in that I, and a number of thousand others, keep coming back here to roost.

By Dr. Z's Loose … (not verified) on 20 Aug 2008 #permalink