Post a comment, win a prize

In an effort to get you, my readers, to actively participate in this blog, and also because some of you have been so generous in the past, I've decided to offer prizes to those of you who leave comments.

I will send a recently published science book to the reader who posts the most interesting, insightful or amusing comment. I'd like to do this regularly, so if it proves to be successful, I'll do it on a monthly basis.

I still haven't decided exactly how this will work. I could choose the comment myself - and, as it's my blog, my decision would be final - or I might select a handful of comments that I like and then have some kind of poll in which you decide who should win the book.

So what are you waiting for? Go forth and comment on any post I've written here. I also welcome any ideas you might have on how to run the contest. If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment on this post (but comments about the contest itself will not be eligible for a prize).


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Interesting! I am a regular reader but this is my first time putting comments. It's not for the prize though ! :)
Keep on the good work. It is not a long time that I know your blog but it is becoming one of the most popular entries in my feed reader.

Creative post ! Like Amir I'm not commenting to get that prize ;) but I would like you to know where I am living your blog has been filtered. You see here there are 2 main criteria for banning a blog. First every material related to sexual items (educational or immoral don't differ), second everything in opposite of governmental rules, ideas and whatsoever relevant to them.

But honestly I couldn't find any element confirming these criteria.

It still occupies my mind why it has been banned. Anyway I follow some of your posts which are newest ones, I'm studying M.Sc in physiology and I enjoy neuroscience .

Also checking in as a regular reader who barely comments :-D

Now I feel encouraged to post whenever I have something insightful to add. Keep the good work!

I'm reaching the part of my life where I'm giving away and selling books with the ambitious goal of reducing my library to 500. Discovering that like many positive steps, it's something I should have started at a younger age. Fortunately the interesting part of the story, which might have triggered a book prize, was too large for the margin of this text field.

Yes,I am another first time poster.
As I thinks Mo knows, his blog inspired me to try it out myself. As a fledgling graduate student of neuroscience, I saw blogging about neuroscience as I way to further my own learning and improve my writing skill, while having a bit of fun at the same time.
Thanks again Mo.

Pleading guilty to reading, but posting mainly on Jonah's Frontal Cortex. He quotes you and often links posts, so his appreciative nods to Neurophilosophy were among his finer tips. Frequent readers can feel connected to the more informative, thoughtful and intriguing bloggers without ever speaking up or saying thanks. Our collective bad.

Neurology and philosophy are inextricable, and you have a way with casting a wide net on science and life. Brains. We get to study them while using them (ideally), and it gets even more interesting when one of the non frontal lobes decides to try to expand its territory. That's not a front row seat- it's being right on stage. Sure beats dissecting frogs.

Not going for any prizes, but not getting comments can be discouraging, and your cottage here in Scienceblogs country is too delightful and enriching a place to visit for you to feel neglected. All writers deserve feedback. The Scienceblogs link is always at or near the top of sites I recommend: there is something here for everybody. If any of the physics writers can crack the code for giving us more hours in the day to read science news along with all the other rich sources of thought, there should be no shortage of parties.
Decrepitoldfool (doubtful moniker): sympathy. And don't neglect Powell's Books. Someone, somewhere wants your library.

I actually just found your blog a few days ago. I was on a mission to fill my RSS feed reader with neuroscience blogs so I can keep up on the latest and greatest while I postpone grad school for a couple of years. (Sometimes "life" is such a bothersome necessity!)

How exciting! This is a great idea. I have been a fan of this site since my own blog's inception a few months back. What brings me back to your site often, is the interesting information you offer, as well as your masterfulness in writing skill. Your posts are like reading a book, written with a distinct talent to interest; so, offering a book is clever.

Alright, I'm off to look around!


Mo, I think the majority of your readers just enjoy reading your posts and being anonymous. It's not that no one's out there.. it's just we love your posts 'from afar'.
PS - dont give me anything... keeping up your blog is good enough :)

By Andrew Burkhart (not verified) on 31 Aug 2008 #permalink