Neuroscience on the wireless

Last Thursday's episode of the Radio 4 programme In Our Time featured a very interesting discussion about recent developments in neuroscience research. Presenter Melvynn Bragg was joined by psychologist Martin Conway of Leeds University, cognitive neuroscientist Gemma Calvert of the University of Warwick and philosopher David Papineau of Imperial College, who talked about the concept of the grandmother cell, new findings which show that the brain makes decisions before we are consciously aware of them, and the relationship between mind and brain. (Download MP3, 20Mb; thanks Ross!)

The most recent episode of Radio 3's Music Matters was a special edition of the programme in which Tom Service talks to scientists and musicians who are involved in research about how music is processed in the brain. Among those featured in the programme are Ian Cross, the director of the Centre for Music and Science at the University of Cambridge, Stefan Koelsch, a psychologist at Sussex University who researches the links between music and emotion, and neurologist and Musicophilia author Oliver Sacks. (Download MP3, 41Mb.)

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The Music Matters podcast is not available to listeners outside of the UK. I'd very much like to listen, as some of my own research deals with the influence of music on emotion. Is there another source from which I could obtain an mp3 of the podcast?

I thought the MP3s could be downloaded from anywhere. I can't find them anywhere else I'm afraid.