Welcome back to the Midwest. Have some ice.

I've scarcely been back in the Midwest and already I have to tunnel out from under a layer of frozen crazy. Funny enough, we can't remember losing power in ice storms for more than a few hours when we were kids, but it was out for a good 14 hours on Tuesday. To make matters worse, half of the 60 foot tall pine tree in the front yard is now on the ground, so I'll have to find some way to get rid of that mess.

In the meantime, I'll have my hands full gutting out the drywall behind the toilet and shower; a leak in the shower is making it crumble and triggered a growth of mold that needs to be removed. I've got most of it out now, so we'll see how good a job I can do re-tileing (tiling? How the hell do you spell that?) the shower after I finish putting up the new drywall.

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Don't use sheetrock behind the tile in the shower area. You should use "wonderboard" a fibrocement board designed for tile. Greenboard [waterproof sheetrock] is okay for other walls around toilets sinks and backsplashes. Feel free to consult me for details.
PS: It was 75 here yesterday.