Where did the time go?

The semester is finally winding down. Kudos to Scicurious for holding down the fort. After teaching 3 courses on top of my 40+ hour-a-week lab job, I'm rather grateful. No wait, I'm frakkin' ecstatic. Possibly rapturous. Don't get me wrong, I had a blast being an instructor. Most notably my Basic Concepts students told me they really appreciated my efforts, and a number of them did pass their departmental exams to enter their respective programs. That made me feel great. My Human Bio course was a bit of a sleeper, however, since almost every single person was there to fill a credit. I found myself-- pressed for time-- devoting more of my energy to the Basic Concepts classes.

If I had to do it again, I'd not teach so much so I could devote more time to each class. However, Daddy needed a new roof and lab work doesn't pay that great. Weighing the options, new roof>>>leisure time spent emptying buckets from leaky roof.

Next semester I'll be at the local state school instead of the community college, teaching Biopsych. I'm psyched about it (*rim shot*), but I'll miss my CC kids.


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