Enjoying Florida, Part 2

Ok. So, as a marine biologist, I happen to know a few things about marine organisms. Whenever I walk on a beach and find something interesting, I happen to enjoy talking about those few things I know to whoever is unlucky enough to be walking with me. I love finding marine life on the beaches - it just never gets old. So you can imagine my excitement when we're strolling along Casey Key near sunset and we see this:

It was about a foot across - it was huge! I had a total nerd moment.

At this point, I have a confession to make. I've heard that admitting you have a problem is the first step to overcoming it. Well, I have a problem. I like to touch jellyfish. I have this unavoidable urge to touch any jellyfish I find - just ask Allie about the moon jelly we caught off the boat in Fiji. So, of course, I had to touch the huge jellyfish on Casey Key, and I convinced Barry to check it out, too:

As soon as we started touching the bell, someone ran up and said "Oh no! Don't touch it! It'll sting you!" To which, of course, I explained that I'm a marine biologist, and that the bell doesn't have any stinging cells, only the tentacles do. (For the record, as I said I have a problem: I felt those, too. Luckily, since it was on the ground for so long, all the nematocysts had fired already so I got away with it.)

Anyhow, lo and behold, later on we're watching the sunset and some kids have discovered our little gelatinous friend. No sooner have they bent down for a closer look that we hear on the wind:

"Go ahead! Touch it! A marine biologist was doing it earlier!"

That's right. Nerdiness - it spreads like a virus. The Nerd is contagious. And I infected a nice group of people on Casey Key.

Anyhow, it was also quite a beautiful sunset:

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