Oooo Prizes! Best Science Blog Post Of The Year, Anyone?

3 Quarks Daily, a fantastic blog which covers everything from science to art to politics, has annouced that it will start giving out "best of the year" awards for blog posts from around the internet. The Science category starts now, with nominations being accepted until June 1st. There will then be public voting on the winners, narrowing the expansive list to 21, and then a panel of judges will further whittle them down from 21 to 6, with the top 3 winners picked by an expert and announced June 21st. The 'Top Quark' gets $1000 - so it's definitely worth being entered in!

I know a lot of you are frequent sci-blog readers, so please go post the links to your favorite posts from the past year in the comments section of the announcement post to be considered for the awards. I'm thinking Ed Yong, Those Southern Fried Boys, Allie, and Daniel all probably have some great posts between last year on May 24th and this May 24th that deserve nomination.

Now, if, by chance, some of my loyal readers wanted to nominate some of *my* posts from the past year, below would be my suggestions, from newest to oldest. Seeing as this blog only started near the end of last year, ANY post of mine before Monday is in the time limit! So, if you love my posts, go ahead and nominate one of the following, one I forgot about, or skim through my posts on, and pick your favorite(s!). After all, I am a starving grad student... that cash prize sounds like a year's worth of Ramen to me.

Good Choices:
The End Of The Age Of Man
A Marine Biologist's Story
Why The Media Sucks at Conservation - Even The Conservation Media
Sex v. Decongestants
Why I am NOT a Darwinist, but we should celebrate Darwin Day
A New Branch On The Tree Of Whale Evolution
Oestradiol Makes Women Hot And Hard To Keep
Why We Should Make A Fuss Over Broken Windows
Religion v. Science: The Fallacy of Intelligent Design
Having Some Fun With Evolution

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