Totally Hooked!

It's no shock to anyone who reads this blog regularly that I adore the National Geographic Channel. They never seem to run out of awesome features and amazing specials that totally turn my nerd on. I may be a biologist at heart, but when watching Nat Geo, I suddenly become a geologist, paleontologist, physicist, or whatever specialty would be required to be a total nerd for whatever is on. Of course, when it's a biology special, I super nerd out.

So imagine the thoughts that are running through my head when I see the title "Hooked: Monsters of the Deep." Oh yeah, you could hear my nerdiness from 3 miles away.

Hooked is all about amazing animals brought up on a fishing pole. And we're not talking a nice looking Marlin or a pretty good-sized grouper. Think a little larger. This special series is all about the biggest and baddest that waterways have to offer, from a colossal squid weighing in at 1,091 lbs to 1,400 lb tiger shark to a stingray larger than most men! And that's just part of one episode!

If you missed Monday's amazing episode, be sure to tune in on Saturday at 6PM for the rerun, and catch all new episodes Mondays at 7PM. You can yell at me all you want for being this corny, but I am definitely hooked on this show - and once you see what's in the deep, I bet you will be, too.

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