Janet declared a nerd-off, so I must join the throng.

Here is a colour-coded table of SciBloggers results in the
Nerd test.

Nerd Score SciBlogger
99 Nerd God Mark C. Chu-Carroll
99 Nerd God Tim Lambert
99 Nerd God Shelley Batts
99 Nerd God PZ Myers
99 Nerd God afarensis, FCD
99 Nerd God Orac
99 Nerd God Mike Dunford
99 Nerd God Tara C. Smith
99 Nerd God Josh Rosenau
98 Nerd God GrrlScientist
98 Nerd God John Lynch
98 Nerd God Joseph j7uy5
97 Nerd God Dr. Joan Bushwell
97 Nerd God Evil Monkey
97 Nerd God Karmen
94 Supreme Nerd Kevin Beck
93 Supreme Nerd John Wilkins
92 Supreme Nerd Janet D. Stemwedel
92 Supreme Nerd David Ng
89 High-Nerd Nick Anthis
88 High-Nerd Abel Pharmboy
84 Mid-Rank Nerd William Connolley
81 Mid-Rank Nerd Chad Orzel
81 Mid-Rank Nerd Sandra Porter
77 Mid-Rank Nerd Razib
77 Mid-Rank Nerd Coturnix
70 Mid-Rank Nerd Mike
62 Low-Rank Nerd RPM
53 Lightly Nerdy Craig Hildreth
50 Lightly Nerdy Dave Munger
45 Lightly Nerdy Kevin Vranes
34 Nerd Wannabe Ed Brayton

And in the photo section of the nerd-off I would like to submit this picture of my HP-25 calculator. I bought this in high school with money I won on a quiz show.


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With all the nerdy preening and bragging going on due to Janet's nerd-off, I couldn't resist adding my contribution to the festivities. However, a question has nagged at me since I posted about this early this morning. On January 10, 2005, my score on the Nerd Quiz was 92, making me a Supreme Nerd…
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Janet has posted the final results of the Nerd-off, and, contrary to what he deserves, Orac did not come in first place. I was robbed! Come on, how could the Dalek cookie jar sitting on the shelf in my office not have guaranteed my ultimate triumph over all in the realm of nerdiness?

Devotion to Reverse Polish Notation -- the one true data-entry system for calculators -- is the hallmark of the hardcore nerd. But even HP no longer keeps the pure faith.

And in the photo section of the nerd-off I would like to submit this picture of my HP-25 calculator. I bought this in high school with money I won on a quiz show.

Loving presentation of RPN and quiz show winnings. Good lord, Tim, how'd you ever get a girl? ;o)



Yup, nothing better than RPN! I have an old HP-15C that I bought over 20 years ago and still serves me well. I don't know if I could use another calculator now!

By John Cross (not verified) on 07 Sep 2006 #permalink

Tim, I bet you never dreamed you'd one day be the host of your own quiz show did you?

99. And I thought I was scoring low. Ha.

Just post the shirt already you'll be boosted over the %100 mark.

How many nerd points does one aquire for knowing RPL (reverse polish Lisp)

I'm pretty sure I had one of those HP-25 calculators. That one looks an awful lot like the one I had in the late 1970's; I'm pretty sure it's the same model. Of course I lose points because I don't still have it...

Hah. *I* have a nerdscore of 98. ;-p

By luna_the_cat (not verified) on 08 Sep 2006 #permalink

if you disqualify anyone with a partner, who is left? I would think having a partner shows too much humanity and therefore disqualifies one as uber-nerd. Today's geeks are yesterday's monks.

I got 99%. I just know I am very needy. Bill Gate is my hero. Trump is one I just do not like. Now I know why.

71. I am seriously compromised by the fact that none of my home computers are working therefore tossing me into the windows IE crowd. This is a lack in the test for sure. Should get points for the number of nonfunctional computers in the home.