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i-3f8d46e9b4372794f97f9ae81c989a52-cord organization with clips.jpg
I guess da Vinci was right. "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."

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We used to do that with bulldog clips! Except we used them to store Gilson pipettes. Turns out they fit into the little clip part of the bulldog clip really well, and saves them getting lost on the bench.

It took me a while to see anything of practical use in this photograph. For seconds, or even tens of seconds, all I could see was a work of art in which various bits of office equipment represented four people/robots with long silver arms playing a musical instrument together. Considered as pianists, they do seem to have quite a lot of personality.

I wonder what this says about me?

i used to hold my cables with clips like that, but then i got a computer and found the cables work much better when they are plugged in to something. plus i was able to get rid of the clips! saves lots of desk-edge space!