Life on the Hi'ialakai: a few photos

We just spent two days at French Frigate Shoals, most of which I spent diving or sleeping. Our research is going very well, which keeps me pretty busy, but I still find time to snap a picture or two. Here are some shots of the cruise so far!


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This reminds me of when I used to go out on fishing vessels as a scientific observer. I bet the research vessel has a much nicer feel to it, but no less busy.

The pictures you have shared over here are really nice and that picture of rainbow is so amazing and I have not seen it in real. It is just one chance to get picture of it and you have taken it very well.

These all pictures which you can shared over here is really very fantastic. The rainbow pictures are really very amazing in these there are so many things which is really great It is just one chance to get picture of it and you have taken it very well.

I am glad to hear that the research is going pretty well. I have to say that you really did manage to get pretty good shots here. The second and third photograph is simply superb. Certainly, it brings a nostalgic feeling for me as I had experienced similar natural beauty whilst in a cruise. The view of the ocean in the dusk is certainly something to see. In fact, I would call it a jaw dropper.