It's up to you now...

So I have this bad habit of ending up in twitter conversations with Scicurious. Last time, I ended up looking at the taste of dolphin semen. This time I have somehow agreed to a challenge: if I get to 2000 twitter followers by the end of April, I'll do a remake of Rebecca Black's Friday.

For those who don't know what I'm referring to, let me show you:

Yeah. I'll have to do a science-related remake of that. Video and everything.

I'll leave it to the masses to decide if such a thing should be made, or if it would be too blasphemous to the good name of science. Past remakes of mine have included Billionaire and Bitch.

On a related note, if both me and Kevin Zelnio hit 5K followers each by Science Online 2012 (next Jan), we'll do a duet to a science remake of Justin Bieber at the conference. Just throwing that out there.

Update: Good point, I should include this: my twitter name is @NerdyChristie. Kev's is @kzelnio.

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I had to do a search on your name on Twitter, and luckily someone had both your name and your Twitter handle in the same tweet! For those who are interested, it's @NerdyChristie on Twitter.

(The only Twitter names on your page are for @ResearchBlogging and @ScienceBlogs, so far as I can see.)

After you get your 2,000 followers, please be sure to tell us if it was worth giving up your SOUL.

(Yes, I said this on Twitter last night, but thought it bore repeating.)

I'd been hearing about this Rebecca Black chick for awhile and had no intent of finding out what all the chat was about. But as a fan of your remakes I had to see what loomed on your horizon. Dear god. I am sorry.

Oh Zen... my soul was given in sacrifice to the PCR gods long ago. ;)

Great, now I have to start killing your twitterers because I don't want this abomination to be propagated. Let it die people, I beg you!

By Herp N. Derpington (not verified) on 19 Apr 2011 #permalink

Just make the wording really good .. cause that song really sucks .. can't wait to hear and see you sing!

I have faith in your creativity and genius to perform alchemy on this song!

Get her to 2000 ... we all want a live video! ... and you have to post on you-tube! ... Do Bitch remake too in video :)

The trick to gain new followers is, tweet frequently with relevant hash tags. :) Best of luck Christie. And, duet to a science remake of Justin Bieber??? really???

You set your sights too low. 10K is the minimum for this kind of work.

It's Sciday, Sciday! Gotta geet down on Sciday....

It must happen!! I am prepared to go through hell for the sake of a really good parody!

And clearly, at this point, you should know better than to talk to me on twitter. :)

So let me get this straight, it goes Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and then Sunday comes after that? So confusing...