My dissertation in pictures

Sorta... Can you guess what it's about? and even better my conclusions?


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I don't usually post anything about "that kind" of psychology but I loved these: (via Dangerous Minds & their creator - Matthew Wilkinson)
At one point I came as close as 5 yards to it - click on little thumbnails to see bigger pictures:
It seems that if you eat on a full brain you are more likely to make poor eating decisions. So here's the schtick via Weighty Matters: Simple experimental design. Take 165 undergraduate students and enroll them in a study you tell them is about memory and where as part of their reward for…
On Tuesday night I went to the RTP headquarters for Techie Tuesday, an occasional event when people who work in various companies in the Park come over, after work, and have some good food, a beer, and get to relax and chat and meet new people. It is quite a lot of fun. Pictures under the fold (…

object recognition theory
1/2 and 3/4 : one 2d view can be illusion, but if several say the same thing, you got the 3d right
5 : dunno. maybe "are the blocks with which you take the pictures the same blocks as those you can identify once you have the picture figured out ?"
6 : dunno. sthing about visual noise ? or that in a complex environnement we dont necessarily distinguish between all the objects separately ????? this is the most mysterious to me !!
7 : object recognition theory of geons (wiki thanks) which kinda answer question 5 and solve the 1-4 problem (property of the geons)

i like the picture number 5 - whatever the meaning intended was lol :)

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Visual depth perception has something to do with it.....

Your conclusion: People should wear more hats? 42?