iGEM on YouTube

iGEM students are nothing if not creative, fun, and super nerdy. Here is a taste of some of the awesome videos being made by this year's crop, enjoy!

Cambridge, with a catchy song about new techniques for joining pieces of DNA together:

(via LabRat)

Hong Kong University's Inception trailer:

TU Delft, finding science in pop music:

And of course, Harvard, being dramatic in the lab:

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Hi Christina, your blog is so cool (also you are so cute ^_^)
i have a question but i don't know where i have to put it, so I will put it here (forgive me if it is the wrong place).
I am an electrical engineer (well, I'm still an undergrad student so I'm "a project" of an engineer ^^),I read a lot of stuff about synthetic biology and i loved it, But still don't know how and where should i start SO my question is : What are the minimum requirements (basic biological knowledge, equipments, learning resources,..... etc) that i have to have to start a successful SynBio project? please let the answer be in points and detailed as possible.
BTW, I live in Egypt and you're welcome anytime :)