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Yikes…while all these new people are reading here, I should be sending them off to other good science sites. Quick, here are a few links:

The gang at—lots of sciencey stuff there.

The Panda's Thumb.

A few more: De Rerum Natura, Evolving Thoughts, Evolution 101, Thoughts from Kansas, The Austringer, Deep-Sea News, FrinkTank, Good Math, Bad Math.

More! I know, the more I mention, the more I dilute the effect, and I feel like I ought to dump the whole humongous blogroll here. Try Mike the Mad Biologist, Red State Rabble, The Lancelet, Muton, Newton's Binomium, Dharma Bums, Science And Politics, Creek Running North.

That's some of that real world, science-style stuff. If you're here for the sex, I don't have much: there's One Good Thing and Diablo Cody.

Move along, move along. There's lots more good reading out there.

OK, Phil wants your eyeballs, too. There are more I could add…my blogroll is obscenely large.

Oh, and Gary Farber! No one pays enough attention to Gary!


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Oh, man...I love liver any way I can get it. Seafood, spicy stuff, weird and exotic food of any kind -- yet somehow, I've ended up with a family that wants the blandest, plainest meals imaginable, and has found Minnesotan cuisine to be perfection (pale food with little texture and no flavor; I've been known to break down in tears and curses at my supermarket bread aisle, for instance.)

If I call your blog Chopped Liver, assume it is high praise, spoken with a sensual longing.

If I call your blog Wonder Bread, on the other hand...

Anyone go see Phil Johnson's "IDEA Club" presentation at Berkeley yesterday?

By Great White Wonder (not verified) on 11 Apr 2006 #permalink

Chopped chicken liver, properly done (see a good Jewish great-grandmother), requires onion, and pepper, and other spices, along with some chicken fat, on a proper schmear, on rye bread. Pumpernickel is acceptable.

If you lack a living Jewish great-grandmother, it's not so easy to find these days, even in many decent Jewish delis, even in NYC.

Alternatvely, you can try the regenerating human kind, with some fava beans and a nice Chianti, but I can't vouch for that variety, though I do hope that mine own has much regeneration left in it.

Ah yes, Gary, but just make sure you're not taking a monoamine oxidase (MAO) inhibitor class of antidepressant. Both Chianti and fava beans are high in tyramine content which could be life-threatening (from hypertensive crisis) while taking MAO inhibitors. The Hannibel Lecter reference helped my pharmacology students remember this crucial food-drug interaction.

OK, Phil wants your eyeballs, too. There are more I could blogroll is obscenely large.

Phil wants your ears, too.
Can we look forward to a PZ interview podcast someday?

Sorry, I've tried, but no matter what, I just can't take chopped liver. For some reason, I kind of like foie gras though.

You know, my university is gearing up to provide nice fancy tools for making podcasts, with students to help us figure it all out. I might just try it all out sometime.

Well, PZ and I did an interview on a BBC radio show back in August of 2005. It was a one-two punch of skepticism (we weren't on together, just serially). It used to be online (my blog about it) but I can't seem to find it on the BBC site.

The main reason I've never tried a podcast is that I have a voice and speech style custom made for blogging.

I LOVE Red State Rabble. Thanks PZ!