Friday Cephalopod: Dancing pinkly

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I usually only have good things to say about cephalopods, but it's hard to avoid the truth here: vampire squid aren't exactly beauty queens. MBARI
It's December, and Squidmas is coming. Maybe you're like me, and the kids have all moved out, so you're thinking having a little intelligent life at home would be nice. Or maybe you're kids are still home, and you think they'd love a pretty pet. Or maybe you just love cephalopods, as do we all, so…
A camouflaged giant Australian cuttlefish. Image from LiveScience; Credit: Sarah Zylinski, Duke University Could you imagine artificial skin capable of quickly changing colors to communicate or hide? Scientists have been testing ways to mimic the skin of cephalopods like squid, octopuses and…
There are just too many pretty molluscs in the world, so today you get TWO Friday Cephalopods, this one thanks to NOAA. Benthoctopus sp. Just think, their children will be such lovely cyborg cephalopods.

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