Are You Ready for Some Football?

Because my team, the Forty Niners, aren't. Neither apparently is Michigan. On the other hand, my co-guest blogger is surely happy.

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Tis the season to lose to I-AA teams. Dammit.

Eh, it's preseason.

Anyway, I've gotten used to the 49ers sucking. It's just part of the background....

-Rob "49ers fan" Knop

Pre-season is meaningless, Aaron - remember that the Raiders went something like 4-0 last preseason.

That, and Gore was out for all the exhibition games, and there was an absolute carousel of receivers, as Nolan seemed to be testing everyone on the bench and a couple of the cheerleaders to see if they could be a receiver.

All in all, the Niners pre-season added up to what it was supposed to be - a testing ground for second and third stringers. No digging into the playbook, don't use your starters much, don't play too particularly hard and get injured.

By Kurt Montandon (not verified) on 02 Sep 2007 #permalink