Correlation and Causation

Around 20% of women who go into labor do so after eating Chinese food.

Another 17% or so go into labor after eating Indian food.

True facts.

(No baby yet. We were amusing ourselves yesterday talking about urban legends on how to induce labor, and these occurred to me this morning as possible justifications...)

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percentage of women who are in labor after going into labor -- 100%

According to my English major math, that means woman who eat Chinese and Indian food have a 37 percent chance of going into labor. I wonder what effect Nepalese cuisine has. (Or Tibetan, for that matter.)

I have a friend whose mom went into labor after the dog jumped over her due to freaking out over trick-or-treaters at the front door. Just wait a few more months.

My mother gave birth right after riding in a taxi very fast. It worked for her when she was expecting my sister as well. Maybe you should try that.

My wife went into labor almost immediately after submitting two SBIR proposals involving thin-film superconductors, at Talandic Research Company, a 200-person electro-optical subcontractor to major aerospace firms. She won both proposals, as PI, and had to go back to the lab rather soon after our son was born.

Reminds me of an old Dilbert comic strip, where the boss became outraged because 40% of sick days were taken on either a Monday or a Friday.