FutureBaby Betting Pool Winner

A few weeks back, I started a betting pool, inviting people to guess the birth date and sex of FutureBaby (now SteelyKid). Looking back over the entries, the winner was Kylinn, who correctly guessed August 7th and female.

Kylinn wins, according to the original wager:

The winner gets bragging rights, plus their choice of something small and tacky from Japan, or the right to dictate one post topic for the blog (that is, you name the topic, I'll write about it, while sleep-deprived from having a new baby in the house. Fun for the whole family!).

If you're Kylinn, email me with your choice. If you're not Kylinn, here's a lovely parting gift, because everybody's a winner in Chateau Steelypips:


Kate and SteelyKid are coming home today, hooray!

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Awwwwwwwwww. So cute!

PS -
Dialog with Emmy on "coming home day" is eagerly awaited. Can this new life form be explained with quantum mechanics?

By CCPhysicist (not verified) on 11 Aug 2008 #permalink

Is she still wearing socks on her hands? I love it when babies have to do that!

You might contemplate a leveraged investment IPO. You are staring down minimum $250K (in constant dollars; massive inflation is on-line) negative cashflow local opportunity. Unanticipated expenses include non-public education and healthcare insurance suspension when your provider's administrative software protects the home team. As with gods' representatives on Earth, "hodie mihi, cras tibi".

SteelyKid entered a very different world. Bio-engineered tiny girls in skintight cutaway leotards do stuff in Beijing while Russia secures control of the big oil pipeline connecting the Caspian region across Georgia, threading Turkey, then to Europe. NATO isn't saying peep. Europe is mute. "Play ball with Russia, tovariches, or we shove bat up freezing European fundaments this winter."

History has gone real time. 90 days Accounts Payable is now COD. Exciting, isn't it?

@ Tara #2 -- check 2 posts down, the first SteelyKid! post.


Well done, Kylinn!

@Tara: Unless I miss my guess, there will be spreadsheets and graphs tracking height/weight. I just hope we get to see 'em. :)