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I have a general-thread kind of question. Would anyone be able to recommend any current science books which would be a good Christmas gift for someone? I was thinking about something that would serve as kind of an introduction to the things the LHC might be looking for, and so was thinking of Oerter's "The Theory Of Almost Everything" which is sort of an intro to the standard model, but that book is like two or three years old and I don't know if something more appropriate or explicitly LHC-centric might be out by now. (Also it's cheap now so I was wondering if I could find something to pair it with.) I should note the person I'm thinking of giving this gift to has like a master's in earth sciences so it's safe to give something math-heavy.

Well, I've got a couple of boxes full of author copies of a really good book on quantum mechanics...

If you're looking for something more particle-centric, Oerter's book is excellent. As nothing significant has changed since its publication, go with that.

Chad, thanks.

I don't think the dog conversations book would be appropriate in this particular case but I'll definitely try to remember it in future... :)