What Every Dog Should Know About Quantum Physics (2.0)

This is the presentation I gave to the International Baccalaureate class from Schenectady High School today. I tend to re-use talk titles a lot, but this is substantially different than the last talk with this title, as the previous group had read How to Teach Physics to Your Dog first. For this group, I spent more time on applications, and took out a few details.

We were pressed for time, so I ended up not being able to show the video embedded in the next-to-last slide (this one), which is a shame. It went reasonably well other than that, though.

Anyway, if you've been wondering "Why should I teach quantum physics to my dog?" this is the current state of the art answer. If you'd like to hear it live somewhere, send me an email, and we can talk.

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Fantastic! thanks for sharing!