The Inevitable Hiatus

So, I'm looking at the couple-dozen tabs I have open in Chrome for stuff that I think would be worth blogging about, and the slides for this afternoon's lecture that need revising, and the student poster that needs to be completed before tomorrow, and the committee stuff that I ought to be doing, and the laundry that needs dealing with, and it occurs to me that there's one thing I haven't had time for, which is the book I'm writing.

Thus, effective immediately, I'm putting social media on quasi-hiatus. There may still be some links dump posts here, as I will occasionally be reading stuff online while taking a break on something else, and I may yet finish one or two science-y posts that are in the pipeline, but I'm not even going to try to keep up with blogs or Twitter or Facebook any more, and I'm not going to try to maintain any regular posting schedule here.

I hate to do this, because July and August were two of the best blogging months ever hereabouts, and I'm basically throwing away the new readers gained in that period. But something's got to give, and this is it. I'll re-evaluate in early October.

If there's something really, really important that I absolutely have to know about/ do/ whatever, send me an email. Otherwise, there are many other very excellent blogs about physics topics that you can read (including but not limited to those linked here, which were just the most recently updated ones in my RSS reader).

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You have very good taste in links. Keep the 'links dump' posts coming if you have time!

Emmy's fans are wagging their tails in anticipation of the new book!