Thursday Family Blogging 031512

Yesterday was "Pi Day" (3-14, in the American style of writing dates), and while I personally find it kind of silly, The Pip took it to heart, using it as the occasion for his first rotation of π radians about his long axis. That is, he rolled from his back onto his stomach. Which is both good and bad: good, because it's a milestone, bad because now we can't leave him unattended on any flat, elevated surfaces.

Anyway, to mark the occasion, here's a picture of the two kids. With Appa for scale, even.


He's not in the porta-crib very often-- he prefers to be held so that he can "stand" on his feet-- and this isn't how they usually look when he's there, but they posed for this. The normal situation looks more like this:


This is SteelyKid leaning in to talk to The Pip, and sing him little songs that she makes up. For some reason, she sings these in a falsetto, which means Emmy is the only one who can really hear all of it, but it's very sweet. She doesn't have much of a sense of tune or lyrics, yet, so the end result is usually like:

Hey little baby [Pip], it's OK,

Because Mommy loves you,

And Daddy loves you,

And I'm your new big sister,

And I love you,

And Emmy is a very good dog,

And she loves you,

But she tries to lick your face,

But it's OK, because we love you,

And you don't have to go back to the hospital any more.

Maybe it rhymes in the original Quenya, I don't know. Anyway, they're both cute, they're both growing, and that's the status of the human puppies of Chateau Steelypips.

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They look very happy. Nothing better than a happy baby and a happy little girl.