Does This Thing Still Work?

I might return to physics blogging at some point, but I know what people really want from this blog. So, here's a cute kid picture.

Don't worry, Daddy, we're not up to anything

Don't worry, Daddy, we're not up to anything

The Pip is increasingly mobile, and here we see him trying to climb into my lap, with an assist from big sister SteelyKid. Giving them superhero-ish noms du Net may have been a mistake, because I think they may be planning to take over the world...

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:o) I'm relieved to see your living room looks as messy as ours.

Glad to see your ankle-biters back. Adorable, although obviously not as adorable as my granddaughter! How about a silly radio button poll?

I hope you had a great summer. I'm a gramps with a 1.5 year old whirlwind grandson who wears me out! That's why you young folks get to have the fun with the little ones.

One more and they'll outnumber you and Kate.

But don't worry too much about that plot yet. Most kids grow out of that phase. And SteelyKid is not yet old enough to be the proverbial five-year-old advisor to an Evil Overlord.

By Eric Lund (not verified) on 03 Sep 2012 #permalink

Sorry to disappoint all of you, Biblia, Chad…but *my* little one is in fact the cutest in the world. Could be why yours are feeling megalomaniacal.

By Peter Davis (not verified) on 03 Sep 2012 #permalink

Eric Lund, and indeed we do not intend to be outnumbered.

By Kate Nepveu (not verified) on 04 Sep 2012 #permalink